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Matthew Miale

A personal history & philosophy for the  Real Estate business

Excellence through Experience and Expertise
I have been in service and sales businesses tied to the real estate industry since I was 19 years old when I bought my first house on the campus line of Keene State College in New Hampshire. I rented that 5 bedroom, 1500 square foot colonial to my friends for 4 years which ultimately helped finance my education and set me up for the next several years of my career. Since then, Real Estate has served me well in many forms, and I hope to pass on my personal experiences in triumph and challenge, my education through first hand knowledge, and my dedication to service  alongside to my customers.  


Following a "fast track" 10 year career in National Advertising LinkedIn Profile  culminating as Director of National Sales for Network Communication Inc, the largest publisher of real estate & relocation magazines in the world- I refocused my energies on my passion for the industry at the ground level. My advertising experience spanned the online, broadcast, print, and direct marketing mediums, which has served me well providing a unique insight into how to most effectively implement grass roots efforts to sell real estate in both seller's and buyer's markets.


Residential Real Estate is a personal passion. I have seen literally thousands of homes, and personally purchased  least one house a year since 2002. I have seen just about every possible scenario unfold in my experience, and have capably parlayed that experience into a buyer and seller program that provides a superior set of tools for your transaction to progress smoothly.

When Selling-  We aim to get you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time, using aggressive grass roots marketing efforts, database farming, direct mail, and proprietary online relationships that give your home massive exposure in a very short amount of time.

When Buying- We will make sure you get the best deal, on the house you love! Through tatical negotiation, and eduction based, practical decision making. You will feel great about your purchase.


I acquired my first multi family apartment building in 2002, and have been building my portfolio of apartments and Income Real Estate ever since. Currently I have ownership share in over 50 units throughout the greater Hartford area. I have built, along with the help of many great employees, one of the top full service property management companies in the Greater Hartford Area,  FAIRVIEW APARTMENTS MANAGEMENT. Our business portfolio includes over 160 apartments under our supervison with over 20 buildings in the greater hartford area. By providing a service oriented direct "one on one" management style we have built a business that cares for the relationship first, and drives  on the overall satisfaction of the tenant which in turn maximizes rental return, and retention for our investor owners.

MISSION STATEMENT- To Maximize Real Estate investment opportunities through targetted acquisitions and property management services for the small to medium size investor, utilizing superior customer service tools to deliver maximum rent, high retentin rates, and superior satisfaction for both owners and tenants.

ITS NOT ABOUT SALES!!!! I believe many in my business have lost thier way.Their focus is too often on the effort of selling and not enough on the need to provide service. The reality is Real Estate Agents are not in the sales business, they are in the service business. All we have to offer to our customers is our work, our experence, and our perspective, summarily...our service to our customers. If provided properly from the RIGHT hand, these tools always translate into a succesful and gratifying transaction for our customers.
As Real Estate Agents, we occupy the space between a buyer and a seller, and to the extent that we provide useful, insightful, tactical knowledge to help you obtain the best deal, find the right house, or sell for the most money in the least amount of time;  that is the extent that we have earned our pay as Real Estate Agents.
In a performance based business, every day I strive to set myself apart, to be the premeire at what I do. Working with me,  you will abound with resources From Landscapers, to Commercial Lenders, to housecleaning services, and legal advice. You will see more homes inless time, you will experience a dilligent work ethic, recieve comprehensive answers to your questions, and you will ultimately have a lot to feel good about in your selection.  Excellence through Experience and Expertise.



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